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General anesthesia and Conscious sedation facility for children and dental anxiety prone people in London and MT Brydges, Ontario

If your oral health is suffering because of the fear of a dental appointment or your kid is too afraid to go to a dental check-up for fear of pain. Visit us at London, and MT Brydges, Ontario for conscious sedation that we provide before any dental treatment which relaxes not only the patient but also the patient doesn’t remember anything about the treatment. Sedation dentistry is known by many names such as sleep dentistry, laughing gas dentistry, nitrous oxide dentistry, and conscious sedation.

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Sleep Dentistry FAQ

Conscious sedation, as the name suggests, is a state of depressed consciousness, medically monitored, where the person can perform all the reflexes and the essential functions of breathing and swallowing; while also responding to verbal commands. It just relaxes the patient and makes them cooperative to receive any dental treatment, which otherwise is difficult because of extreme anxiety experienced by the patient in a dental chair.

Following are some of the scenarios which necessitate the use of sedation in the patient:-
– Extreme dental anxiety or unwillingness to lie down in the dental chair
– People afraid of needles
– If the sight of blood makes you unconscious or nauseous
– A traumatic past dental experience which has made you afraid of any dental procedure
– If you have a strong gag reflex
– If the sound of the dental drill makes you uncomfortable
– If the smell of a dental hospital makes you nervous
– If you are too conscious about people looking into your oral cavity
– If you want a smoother and relaxing dental experience
– If you are undergoing some complex dental procedure

Some common side effects may include-
– Drowsiness
– Headache
– Loss of memory specific to the procedure. You won’t remember the details of the procedure performed
– Some people may experience low blood pressure
– Reflexes become a bit slow
– You may feel heaviness and won’t want to move much

However, the side effects don’t last for long.

Yes. When the procedure is performed under the supervision of our experienced anesthetist, the dose and duration are closely monitored, especially for a child patient.

You will not feel anything. You won’t even remember the procedure.

You may need to rest in the dentist’s office for at least an hour or even more depending on the dose of the drug given, which in turn is determined by the dental procedure which was performed. However, the effects wear off soon enough. Patients always have to be accompanied by a caretaker after the procedure as they will not be advised to drive or perform any gross motor skill related job for a day or two.

General anesthesia causes unconsciousness while sedation relaxes the body. While you lose all your reflexes in general anesthesia and require artificial breathing, sedation doesn’t need such equipment since the reflexes, breathing and swallowing are not affected.

It depends upon the mode of administration of the drug as well as the complexity of the dental procedure performed. Please book your free consult today.

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