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Get immediate dentures, partial and complete dentures, and implant supported dentures in London and MT Bridges, Ontario

If chewing food and speaking is a difficult task for you because of your missing teeth, you may need a prosthesis called denture. Get the customized denture from our London and MT Bridges Ontario dental care centers.  Our denture specialists will assess your oral condition and recommend the best denture option for you.

If you need immediate dentures because of your social appointments or implant-supported dentures for better esthetics and less hassle or even complete or partial dentures, come to our dental care clinic in London and MT Bridges Ontario.

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Get a new smile and improve your ability to function with dentures.

Types Of Dentures Available At One Dental

Dentures FAQ

Dentures are artificial or fake teeth used to replace your missing natural teeth. They are so placed that you will be able to perform all the functions of your natural teeth with dentures. They comprise of a denture body which is made up of either a pink colored material which resembles the color of your gums or a transparent material through which your gums are visible thus making the denture appear more natural. The denture body is meant for the support of fake teeth which are fixed in the denture body and act as your natural teeth. These fake teeth match the color of your adjacent natural teeth as much as possible so that you won’t be able to tell the difference between them.

You need them to perform the functions of chewing and speech, which is otherwise very difficult when your teeth are missing. Also, it helps in maintaining and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

When you lose teeth, the bone supporting the teeth resorbs, i.e., they shrink in size. This will alter not only your jaw bone but also your overall facial appearance; making you appear older than you are. It will lead to the formation of wrinkles around your mouth and will also alter your swallowing pattern and the way you close your mouth. Therefore you may experience pain in your jaw joint due to excessive stress on it.

When you have lost some of your teeth, a partial denture is fabricated for you which takes some of the support from adjoining(remaining) natural teeth and some from your gums.

If all your teeth are lost, a complete denture is fabricated, which draws all the support from your gums.

Either of them; complete or partial dentures can be supported by implants to make them more stable, so they don’t get displaced or dislodged while speaking or chewing. Such dentures are called implant supported dentures.

Will I be able to eat properly with my denture?

Yes, but initially you may take time to adapt to dentures. With time they will start to feel normal, and you will be able to chew food.

While partial denture users face problems less often, if you are using complete dentures, you may face the issues of the denture getting displaced from its place while speaking or chewing food. You may need to get your denture adjusted by your dentist or may be prescribed denture adhesives to keep them in place.

Denture fabrication is a noninvasive procedure except if you opt for implant supported ones. So there won’t be much pain or discomfort before and during denture fabrication.

Once you get your denture placed in your mouth, there may be some amount of discomfort since it takes time to acclimatize to them. You may experience rashes or ulcers for which you may need medication as prescribed by your dentist, and even your denture may need adjustments and trimming.

Dentures given to you just after tooth extraction are called immediate dentures, and you may need them if you have social appointments and cannot afford to show up with missing teeth.

Why are implant supported dentures better than traditional ones?

Implants act as the fixed base for your denture and prevent them from getting displaced, which is not the case with traditional ones.

Please visit us for a free consultation at any of our locations as the price of the denture varies substantially depending upon the material and support used.

Always remove your dentures before going to sleep and keep them in the water when not in your mouth. Clean them with the denture cleaner provided with your kit only and don’t use toothpaste on them. Brush them regularly as you do to your teeth.

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