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If you have a loose or broken front tooth, get them fixed at our dental implant clinic at London and MT Brydges Ontario locations very conveniently and that too in a single visit. Our well-trained team of implantologists and dental professionals will assist you in every way to ensure that you get your implants placed as smoothly and conveniently as possible. We will assess your bone health and do a comprehensive oral examination to provide you a solution to your discomfort as early as possible.

If you have been already a patient at our facility, you may reach us at our helpline for any guidance. We will be happy to be of service to you in any way possible.

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Dental Implants FAQ

A dental implant is a screw-like structure made predominantly from titanium metal. It is placed in your jaw bone in such a way that it will act as the root of a tooth. It has a crown part which is a replacement of the crown part of the lost tooth structure.

Placement of an implant is a surgical procedure and requires administration of local anesthesia or in some cases, general anesthesia to make it pain-free. The dental implant specialist will structure your bone to receive the implant, and then the implant is placed in the bone. Once the wound heals completely, and the implant gets fused to the bone, a cap or bridge or denture is placed on it, depending on the individual case.

It typically takes 1-1.5 hours for placing a single implant in your bone. The more the number of implants, the more time it will need.

Your dentist will require to do some x-rays to assess your jaw bone health. Since implants require a certain height and width for ideal placement, you will need to go for a comprehensive oral examination. The medical status of a person is another factor that affects the prognosis of an implant. So, medically compromised individuals may need to go some other tests also to know whether they are the candidate for implants.

A single implant may cost you anywhere between 3000 – 3500 $ with an implant and the crown inclusive depending upon the need for bone grafting procedure.

Cost of the denture implants varies according to the treatment but on an average is about 2000$ each not including the dentures.
Will I experience too much pain?

Since anesthesia is used for surgery, there will be no pain. Postoperatively your dentist will prescribe you medications to
reduce swelling and pain.

A dental bridge has limitations such as they cannot be placed where there is no tooth present posterior to the edentulous space, and also they cannot cover large areas since tooth support is much required in long-span bridges otherwise they may fail over time. Implants, on the other hand, are free of such constraints as they can be placed anywhere and as many to close the gap.

It is a perpetual problem that many denture users face, and that is their dentures get displaced while eating and talking. When these dentures get fixed to the jaw bone with the help of implants, these problems disappear. Your denture will feel like your natural teeth.

This will depend upon the material you choose for the fabrication of the crown or bridge. The better the material, the natural will it be.

Medically compromised individuals should get all their tests done in advance to prevent intra-operative complications. Also, you will have to follow the oral hygiene instructions of your dentist very precisely; otherwise, it may lead to infections and subsequent failure of the implant.

You will need to talk to your insurance agency. Although, many of them may partially cover the cost. We can help you with sending the predeterminations on your behalf to the insurance company.

Regular brushing and flossing are the pre-requisites for a healthy implant. Don’t forget your appointments to your dentist once every six months for cleaning and routine check-up.

These are long term investments, and with proper care implants may last a lifetime.

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